Door Wrap

Product Code:
    • Perfect for clear communication or decorative use
    • For communication on both door sides on regular sized doors
    • Easy and quick to apply
    • Create your own design or choose one of our standard designs

The product is no longer on offer

Communicative or decorative sign on doors 

Draw extra attention to your door with the Door Wrap. Perfect to communicate brief information, guiding people through a building or putting up decorative designs. Think of communication for conferences or special occasions, where you want to provide more information. Or create an ambience by adding a design for birthdays, festive days or holidays. The Door Wrap is suitable for communication on both door sides. Easy installation by simply sliding the Door Wrap on the door you want. Available in three sizes to fit on regular doors. Other sizes are available on request. An ideal alternative to a door sticker: exchange your graphic easily without having glue residues. 

Graphic for Door Wrap

The Soft Knit 230 g/m2 wrinkle free knitted 100% Polyester (PES) fabric is ideal printing material for the Door Wrap. The Soft Knit material is B1 fire rated, which makes it ideal and safe to use at exhibitions, indoor events or even in your interior. 

Dye Sublimation Transfer Print 

The Soft Knit of 230 g/m2 is a dye sublimation transfer graphic. Mirror image of the art is first printed on a special transfer paper and heat transferred from the paper onto the fabric by using a heat press. This makes the ink changes from solid to gas and that sublimates into the polyester fibers. Dye sublimation is leading to high-quality photographic results and is also very resistant. An appealing visual, a superior look and no fear for cracks or damages in your graphic.