FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions and our answers. Just browse through our categories and find the answer to your question.
If you can't find the information you are looking for please contact us under quotation@showdowndisplays.eu or call us under +31 (0)85 06 60 310


Showdown Displays Europe only sells exclusively to resellers. What do we mean by resellers? With resellers we mean companies who will sell our goods to other companies and end-consumers. We produce and print a lot of goods and print products for serveral different markets like, Point of Sale, Hospitality, Office and Exhibitions & Events. Are you interested in selling there types of products to your customers? Good! Let's partner!  You can request an account for our Online Platform by filling out the short Request Account form. We contact you within 24 hours. When your account is ready, you immidiately can start ordering. 

If your login credentials aren't correct please Reset Password and try again. If you dont have an account yet, please Request Account. If neither of the previous steps help please contactour Customer Service team or your favourite sales person.

Your company has moved offices? Nice! And good of you to think about changing the address! You can change your address in my account. Don't forget to save it!

We understand it is hard to remember all of the different passwords we all have for all the different logins. Just click here to Reset Password or on 'Forgotten Password' when you click on 'Login' and follow the instructions. 

You can find an overview of your order history and invoice of the orders you place through our Online Reseller Platform. The orders you place via e-mail, will not be visible in your online account. So make sure you place orders on our Online Platform if you want to see a complete overview of your orders and invoices. 


Great you want to order your products on our Online Platform! Login to your account first to see all the product information you need like stock, expected shipping date and prices. You just have to search for the products you want via the search bar or drop-down menu. Select the variant and amount you want and add it to the basket. Go to your basket and follow the steps.

If you want to be guided step-by-step through the process, we recommend you to view the video below and see you easily you can place the order yourself!

We understand you have a question, but who should you contact? We got an overview for you below:

The question
Who to contact?
Questions about a specific order?
Customer care – orders@showdowndisplays.eu
Order status or tracking?

Ordered via our website – my account section

Ordered via e-mail – customer care orders@showdowndisplays.eu 

To place an order?

Search the product on our website and order it within your account.

This has several benefits for you, like:

  • Stock information
  • Order status in my account
  • Expected shipping date visible
  • Tracking when shipped 
  • Download invoice

Stock information or product information
Check the product page of our Online Reseller Portal
Unusually large amounts of products
Inside sales or your Territory sales manager – quotation@showdowndisplays.eu
Custom made products offers
Inside sales or your Territory sales manager – quotation@showdowndisplays.eu
Questions about your prices
Inside sales or your Territory sales manager – quotation@showdowndisplays.eu


We know it can be frustrating when a button is not working but no worries, we probably know the solutions. You probably did not select all the options which are required to order the product. For a large group of our products you first have to select if you want to order only the hardware, only the print or the hardware + print. After that selection, we probably have more options for you like size, colour or any of the many other options which you need to select a product. When you have selected a SKU, you should be able to click on 'add to cart'.

When you have added the product to the shopping cart, you get a pop-up which asks you if you want to continue shopping or check out. That option is also up to you.

If the 'add to Cart' button is still not working, eventhough you selected every option needed, please contact our Customer Service team. They know how to help you further.

With all of the options, we understand it is sometimes hard to make a decision. So we try to help and guide you through the decision process. 

Frame only = only the hardware without the print.

Frame + Graphic = the hardware including the print (which you can upload).

Graphic only = just the print without the hardware.

Some products can have a print on both sides. Those will have the option Frame + 2 Graphics. In this case you can upload even 2 different print files, to display a different message on each side.

It is possible to combine orders to potentially reduce the transport costs. As we charge per order value, there is no guarantee that combining order will decrease the overall transport costs. If you want to combine your orders, we advise you to contact our Customer Service department to arrange this. You can contact them via orders@showdowndisplays.eu

When you are interested in receiving samples for your own showroom, we would like to advise you to contact your favourite sales person from our Inside Sales or Territory Sales department. They can tell you what the possibilities are. If you would like to receive a free sample box of our print materials, you can find more information about this on our samples page. 

With so many products, we understand it is sometimes hard to find the right product. Our search bar recognizes not only SKU codes or the 'official product name' but also synonyms. If you are looking for a more customized product, our Inside Sales team is more than happy to help you and talk about the possibilities. You can send your request to quotation@showdowndisplays.eu.  

Within your price agreement are only the products you can order. If you can find a product when you are not logged in, but not when you are logged in, this means the product is not available within your price agreement. If you want to order this product, we would like you to ask to contact our Inside Sales colleagues and send your request to quotation@showdowndisplays.eu.

If the goods have not been dispatched yet, we can adapt the order for you. Please contact us under orders@showdowndisplays.eu or via  +31 (0)85 06 60 310. 

We are happy to hear you are interested in our products. Unfortunatly we only sell to resellers. But we are more than happy to tell you about one of our partners, so you are still able to purchase the goods. Fill in the contact form or send your request to quotation@showdowndisplays.eu and we will forward you to one of our partners.

Orders with graphics

We are happy to help you with the preparation of the print templates. You can download the right template on the product page after login. There you can also find some explanation about how to prepare it. The print data should be prepared as a PDF file and the data should ideally be created as a vector file (alternatively a raster file matching the exact print size). All texts in the print data have to be converted to outlines. For a good printing result the image should have a minimum of 300 DPI. 

As of now we are not able to offer a data preparation service. We do check your file and send you a preview of the print. We wait for your approval to start printing.

You can order separate prints in our graphics category. You can also search the associated display and select "Graphic only".)

Usually we calculate 5 working days for graphic production and shipping after you have confirmed our print approval. Of course, this depends on the amount and type of prints you order and on the workload in our printing centre. For large / oversized prints we have to calculate 10 working days for the whole process. Just a couple of prints are still produced in China. For these China prints we count on 10 to 15 working days to our warehouse. After receiving these prints in our warehouse, we will ship them to you as soon as possible.

When you are logged in on our platform you see the yellow button 'preview your design'. When you click on this button you can upload your print design and it directly previews your design on the picture. Click on your right mouse button to save the picture with your design and you have a quick preview to show to your customer.

Transport & Delivery

In cooperation with our logistic partners we will deliver your goods to your warehouse, customer or office. Our delivery is fulfilled as soon as the goods have been accepted at the place of delivery. Further information can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Great you want to order with us. Of course we understand that you want to know how much the shipping costs will be. The shipping costs depend on your ship-to location and on the value of your order. We have standard shipping rates for orders devided on the value of your order. The shipping rate are for orders between €0,- and €250,- / €250,- to €500,- / €500,- to €750,- / €750,01 to €1000,-. The shipping costs for all orders with a value above €1000,- will be calculated by our sales team. You can find an overview of our shipping costs till € 1000,- right here. 

We understand you would like to receive your goods as soon as possible after ordering. The majority of our goods is already on stock and ready to be shipped. We aim to ship out all orders within 1 -2 working days. If something is not in stock, you can see the expected shipping date on the product page. For print orders we usually count 5 working days after print approval. If you order your products through our Online Reseller Platform, you can see the estimated shipping date in your order in my account. Also, keep in mind that the exact delivery time depens on your location but we always check the fastest option for you. 

Sometimes it happens that you receive one large order but the products have to be shipped to multiple addresses. That is great! Unfortunately, we can not add multiple addresses to one order. Every different shipping address is a new order for us. We would like to ask you to contact your inside sales person or our Customer Service department to find the best way possible to handle such an order.

Orders that need to be shipped with an express delivery should ideally be received before 10.00 AM, to ship it on the same day. However, with the current situation in the transport sector, we are at the moment not able to give any guarantees on express shipments. We would like to check the possibilities for you per order.

The additional cost depends on the weight and size of the goods. Reach out to your sales contact to get a specific quotation from us.

You can insert the address of the packing station as a delivery address during the checkout process.

You can request a proof of delivery from your personal sales team or under orders@showdowndisplays.eu.

When you order your goods through our online portal, you can find your tracking in 'my account'. We usually dispatch in stock goods within 1 -2 working days of your order placement. If we ship your order out at a later time, you will find the expected shipping date in 'my account' as well. When you did not place the order on our online portal, you can ask our Customer Support team to send you the tracking. Just send your question to orders@showdowndisplays.eu.

We have 2 warehouses across europe. They are located in Czech Republic and in Spain. Only our Spanish and Portugese customers can collect their orders in our Spanish warehouse. All other customers across Europe will be supplied by our warehouse in Czech Republic. If you want to collect your goods please let us know in the comment box at the end of the check out process. You can also contact us via phone +31 (0)85 06 60 310

If you have placed the order through our online platform, you can find the estimated shipping date and tracking in 'my account'. When you don't see your order in 'my account', please contact our Customer Service team. They can tell you all the in's & out's about your order.

Neutral delivery

We offer a neutral drop shipment directly to your client. You can choose this option in the checkout process and attach your own delivery note or choose a delivery without logo. There is no sub charge for this service, you just pay for the shipping costs.

The neutral delivery option is a free service we offer to our clients. You just pay for the shipping costs.

A neutral delivery contains a neutral delivery note or your own delivery note that you can upload during checkout and the goods without any reference to Showdown Displays Europe.

Labels and barcodes can be attached to your good. Please contact us under quotation@showdowndisplays.eu to discuss the possibilities and costs.

Individual Solutions

Yes we do! Basic changes such as colour, sizes and brandings are possible for most products. In addition we offer adjustments to our standard range such as additional holders, pockets and other additions. Please contact your sales representative via quotation@showdowndisplays.eu with your request and we will discuss the possibilities together. 

Yes we do! Our sales and product team is ready to help you with your individual wishes. From modifications of standard products to entirely unique personalised solutions, we are here for you. Please contact your sales representative with your requests. And have a look at our customisation page for further information and inspiration.

It depends on the difficulty of the project. We manufacture everything based on your requests and also discuss all neccessary details with you in advance. The complete process usually takes 4 - 8 weeks. The best option is to always check with your sales representative to get more details.

Payment & Invoicing

Orders are invoiced on account with a 21 day window to pay (without deductions). Further information can be found in our Terms & Conditions. Of course you can talk about the payment terms & conditions with your sales representative. 

The standard payment method is invoice on account with a 21 day window to pay. It is possible to pay in advance or with SEPA. Please contact your sales representative about these options.

You receive the invoice by email shortly after we dispatch the goods. The invoice is also visible within your account on our Online Platform. 

If you are a brand new customer, our financial department will do a credit check on your company. If everything looks fine you will get a payment on account, as it is our standard payment method. But keep in mind that it is possible that our financial department will ask for a payment in advance for your very first order. After that, our sales representative will talk about the payment options with you for the future.

As long as we haven't received a full payment from your side we will send you up to 3 payment reminders. If we haven't received a full payment after 3 reminders we are forced to initiate legal actions. The best thing to do is to talk about it with your sales representative, so we can find a solution together.

Returns and Claims

Please send us an email to orders@showdowndisplays.eu stating the reason for returning the goods and we will let you know about the next steps. Please do not send goods back to us without getting in contact with us. Check the questions below for specific reasons to return goods and other claims.

You are obligated to check the goods upon delivery. Please send us a picture of the damages to orders@showdowndisplays.eu as soon as possible and not later than 3 working days after receiving the goods. If the package is damaged upon arrival please refuse acceptance of the delivery and get in contact with us.
We will check the options and replace the goods or parts as soon as possible.

Please contact us under orders@showdowndisplays.eu stating the order number and the goods you received. We will send the correct goods as soon as possible and collect the incorrect delivery.

The refund will be issued as soon as the goods arrive back in our warehouse.


We offer 1 year guarantee for all products.
On top of the 1 year guarantee we offer an additional 1 year extended warranty on the following products:

  • Digital Displays: All goods with a product code that starts with "DI" or "DSI"
  • Indoor Lockable Notice Boards: All goods with a product code that starts with "SCXS","SCS" "SCP" or "SCO"

The guarantee covers a standard use of products. For all printed products the guarantee doesn't cover constant exposure to sunlight and rain. The guarantee on printed products can only be granted for the same print image. A different image will be treated as a new order.

Marketing Support

We have product photos in compromised forms for online use and high resolution photos for printing available. You can request them here product photos and videos support page.

You can follow our guide right here embed video guide to get the videos running on your platform in no time.

You can find all important information on our product pages under the download section. For more information you can check out our practical information support page.

You need to logged in to see the documents.

You can find all important information on our product pages under the download section. For more information you can check out our product photos and videos support page. You have to login on our Online Reseller Platform to have access to the product photos. You can request an account for our Online Reseller Platform by filling out this short form Request Account.

Yes, we have a digital catalogue. You can view our catalogue here.

Yes, we also have a neutral digital catalogue. We also offer a branded digital catalogue service as a marketing support service. See more about this service on our catalogue and brochures web page.

We offer a Showroom Promo Package. With this package you get 50% discount on a product including the graphic for your showroom. You may also use the Showroom Promo Package for your own exhibition participation to promote our products. More information about this marketing support service can be found on our samples page.


Apart from environmental protection such as waste and emission reduction and using green energy we also proceed a lot of measures to help communities around us. Find detailed information about that on our CSR page.

We print on paper, PVC, latex and fabric. For the fabric prints we are able to use both the transfer print and the sublimation print technique. Check out the different printing materials and their respective printing methods on our graphics page. You can find detailed information about the methods on the bottom detail description.

Yes, we have a free print sample box. This is one of our marketing services we offer. You can request your free sample box via our samples page.

Technical Terms

The product was tested under extrem heat and certified to be fire resistant following DIN 4102.

PES is the acronym for Polyester.

PS is the acronym for Polystyrene.

MFC is the acronym for Melamine Faced Chipboard.

A product with an IP53 rating is protected against a certain quantity of dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the product. The product is completely protected against solid objects. It is also protected against water splashing when tilted up to a 60-degree angle.

A product with an IP54 rating is protected against a certain quantity of dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the product. The product is completely protected against solid objects. It is also protected against water splashing from any angle.

A product with an IP56 rating is protected against a certain quantity of dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the product. The product is completely protected against solid objects. It is also protected against powerful water jets from any angle.

Dye-sublimation is a printing method that is commonly used for fabric materials. The ink that is used for this printing method is turned into gas with a heatpress and sublimates directly into the fiber. The mothod is known to result in high-quality photographic images and a very resistant print.

The latex print method is used for fabric materials. The graphic is printed with latex ink onto the fabric resulting in very sharp edges and a high quality image. The print has to be rolled on a tube to not take any damages from bending.