FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Digital Displays

As your partner in Digital Displays we will help you with all of the questions you might have about this specific product group. Down below you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers about Digital Displays.

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Content Management

With the Plug & Play feature, you can enjoy playing a wide range of program formats on your Digital Display. This includes popular formats, such as *.avi*.mkv*.asf*.wmv*.mp*.mov*.3gp*.vro*.mpg*.mpeg*.ts*.tp*.trp*.flv*.vob*.svi*.m2ts*.mts*. pdf *.doc*.ppt  So you can enjoy seamless playback of your content in these formats. For more specific details about the supported program and instructions, we recommend referring to Samsung's instructions or user manual. If you have any further questions or need additional support, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you in maximising the functionality of your Digital Display.

Magic Info is a content management software that comes already built-in with the digital screen. This software enables you to manage and display content on your digital screen using two different methods. First, you can manage content offline by connecting a USB drive to the screen's USB port. This allows you to easily update and replace content directly from the USB drive. Secondly, there is an online option available to update your content, which is through a cloud-based version of Magic Info. This cloud-based version provides additional features and flexibility, but it may require an annual license fee. For the most up-to-date and detailed information on the Magic Info Cloud, we recommended visiting the official website of Samsung, as we do not offer this as a standard.

Our goal is to provide you with a reliable and user-friendly content management solution for your Digital Displays. That's why we offer Magic Info as our content management program for our Digital Displays. Magic Info is a trusted, user-friendly and widely used content management software solution in the industry, and provides you the tools to manage and display content on your Digital Displays very easily. With it being pre-installed on the digital screen, you have immediate access to its feature and functionalities, right after connecting the Digital Display to the powersocket. Magic Info is a very user-friendly interface, that simplifies the content management process. In fact, it makes it so easy as like operating a television or smart phone. 

Yes! Changing videos on the Digital Displays is a user-friendly process that you can easily do yourself! With the 'Plug & Play' functionality, updating and replacing content on your Digital Display is a straightforward process. You can follow the instructional video of 'Plug & Play' to learn the simple steps for playing or changing videos. You can watch the instructional 'Plug & Play' video here. 

Absolutely! By utilising the HDMI port on our Digital Displays, you can connect external devices like laptops or mini PC's, running Android or Windows applications. 

This is absolutely possible! As for the standard built-it Magic Info software, it does not have remote content management capabilitities. For remotely control and manage the content on your Digital Display, you will need to have the Magic Info Cloud license. This software covers convenient remote management options, but it requires an annual license fee. For more detailed information on the Magic Info Cloud and the annual license, we sugguest you visiting the official website of Samsung, as we do not offer this as standard. 

Very easy! To upload content from a USB stick, simply connect the USB stick to the external port on the Digital Display. Then, access the built-in Magic Info Software and follow the instructions to transfer the content from the USB stick to the display's internal memory. Our 'Plug & Play' instructional video provides visual guidance and demonstrates the steps involved in the process. By following these simple steps, you can easily upload your content to the Digital Display and you are ready to go! You can view the 'Plug & Play' instructional video here

Absolutely! Our Digitals offer multiple options for internet connectivity. You can connect the display to the internet either through a Wi-Fi connection or by using the RJ45 port for a wired connection. To connect the Digital Displays to the internet via Wi-Fi, simply access the display's settings menu, locate the Wi-Fi set-up option and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your desired Wi-Fi network. If you would prefer a wired connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect the RJ45 port on the display to an available network port. Take full advantage of online content on our Digital Displays!

Yes, for sure! Our Digital Displays are equipped with HDMI ports, providing a convenient and straightforward method to connect your laptop. By connecting your laptop to the Digital Display via an HDMI cable, you can easily mirror your laptop's screen and display its content on the larger screen. For smartphones, our Digital Displays support a mirroring functionality, by connecting the screen via the 'external device manager'. This means you can wirelessly connect your smartphone to the Digital Display and mirror your smartphone's screen, allowing to showcase your smarthphone's content on the larger display. 

Absolutely! Our Digital Displays are specifically designed to support 24/7 operation, meaning they are built to run continuously without interruptions. Whether you need to display advertising content, informational videos or any other type of media, our Digital Displays are equipped to meet your requirements. 

Digital Displays general

We completely understand the importance of keeping your Digital Dispay screen clean. For cleaning the housing, we recommend using a non-abrasive, alchohol-based cleaning fluid. This will effectively remove fingerprints and smudges. For the screen itself, it is the best to use a cleaning liquid that is specifically designed for cleaning LCD displays. But make sure to avoid applying any chemicals to the screen, such as alchohol, solvent, or surfactant, such as wax, benzene, thinner, pesticide, air freshener, lubricant, or cleaner. 

Yes, absolutely! As a specialist in producing the housing of Digital Displays, we offer the option to order the housing seperately. Your contact sales person would be happy to assist you in your specific inquiry and discuss the possibilities and pricing with you.

We are delighted to share that there is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) for ordering the housing of the Digital Display, without the screen. We understand that you may only require one piece and we are here to fullfill your needs. Your contact sales person would be happy to assist you in your specific inquiry and discuss the possibilities and pricing with you. 

Great question! To give you an overview, touch functionality can be added on the following Digital Displays: Digital Slim Totem, Digital Smart Line Totem, Digital Totem Double-Sided, Digital Kiosk. On the Digital Slim Totem, Digital Totem Double-Sided and Digital Kiosk, touch functionality will be added by installing touch foil on the reverse side of the glass. While for the Digital Smart Line Totem, touch functionality will be integrated within the screen.

However, we are continually exploring options to meet your customer's needs. While touch functionality is not available at the moment at other Digital Displays, we appreciate your feedback and we would be happy to discuss possibilities with you.

The functionality of touch screens and touch foils is essentially the same, but the difference lies in their installation methods. A touch screen has the touch-sensitive layer built-in directly during the manufacturing process, resulting in a seamless integration. On the other hand, a touch foil is a separate touch-sensitive layer that must be installed on top of the display glass. Applying touch foil to the screen is overall lower in price than installing touch screen functionality within the screen. 

Our Digital Displays are designed with external ports, where you can easily connect your laptop or USB stick. The exact position of these ports may vary depending on the specific model of the Digital Display, but all the ports are easy accesible.

The USB ports of the Outdoor Digital Totems are not easy accessible. You have to unscrew the integrated IP box to have connection to the USB port. 

When it comes to opening the housing of our Digital Displays, all can be opened, only the method can vary depending on the specific Digital Display. In most cases, you can use a key or screwdriver to unlock and open the housing. For example, the Digital Slim Totem has to be openend with a key, as there is a push lock, as for the Digital Smart Line range, these can be openened easily with just a screwdriver, as the back doors are bolted. For more specific information on a particular Digital Display, you can reach out to your sales contact person and we would be happy to provide you more detailed information.

We take great care in packing the Digital Displays, to ensure a safe delivery to you or your customer. Due to the size, weight and fragility, the Digital Displays will be carefully packed an shipped on a pallet, providing stability and protection during transportation. Digital totems are protected by carton boxes and wrapped with stretch foil. By all this protection, the Digital Displays should be arriving safely and secure to you or at your customers doorstep! 

We understand that you may have specific size requirements for the housing of your Digital Display. The size of the housing for the Digital Display is typically determined based on the screen size. We assure you that there are various housing sizes available to accomodate different screen sizes, allowing you to select the most suitable option for your needs. Our sales team will be happy to provide you more information and assist you in making the right choice based on your specific needs and preferences.

We value your preferences and understand the importance of customisation. If you have a specific colour preference, please reach out to your sales contact person, and we will gladly check the availability and possibitily of alternative colours. Take in mind that availability and pricing may vary depending on the quantity. 

As for shipping the Digital Display to you or your customer, we take great care that the screens are carefully packed and wrapped with protective foam, to provide you a screen in an excellent condition. The Digital Slim Totem, Digital Wall Panel and the Digital Kiosk are even equipped with front protective glass designed specifically to safeguard the screen against scratches and potential damage. As for the Digital Smart Line range, there is no protective glass installed at the screen. But this is nothing to worry about! Digital totems are primarily intented for installation and display in a fixed position, mostly in public spaces. Once it is installed, it is very unlikely for people to touch the screen or intentionally cause damage.

Our current range of Digital Displays exclusively features high-quality Samsung screens. Samsung is reowned for its expertise in screen technology and is a trusted brand in the industry. Their screens are widely recognised for their superior image quality, durability and performance. This decision ensures that your customer receives a consistent and premium display experience. 

Certainlty! We understand that losing a remote control can be inconvenient, but don't worry, we've got you covered! You can definitely order a new remote control seperately. In fact, the article number for ordering a new remote control is:  '316-01013'. This can be ordered by email to our Customer Care department (sales@showdowndisplays.eu). For our Digital Displays, we generally utilise regular Samsung remote controls, such as the PMH / WMR and QMB 44KEY models, which operate on 3V. 

We value your satisfaction with our products and we are here to help you with any technical support issues you may encounter. For any concerns related to the housing of the Digital Display, our customer service department is ready to assist you promptly, making sure you have a smooth and trouble-free experience with Digital Displays. As for any concerns related to the Samsung screen itself, we recommend to contacting your local Samsung dealer. They have the expertise to address technical matters specific to the screen. 

We want you to have complete peace of mind when buying our Digital Displays. That is why we offer comprehensive warranties; Digital Displays have 2 years of warranty. This is for the housing as well as for the screen. Should you encounter any issues covered by the warranty, simply reach out to our customer service department, and we will be happy to assist you with a resolution.