Beach Flag Alu Wind Graphic

    • Single-Sided or Double-Sided Graphic for Beach Flag Alu Wind
    • Super poly knit, 100% PES
    • Lightweight knitted fabric, 110 g/m²
    • Dye sublimation direct print
    • B1 fire rated
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Go for a great impression
Always clear promotion or branding thanks to the single-sided or double-sided graphic for the Beach Flag Alu Wind. The Flag materials are B1 fire rated, which makes it an ideal and safe material to use at shops, exhibitions, events, POS, retail, hospitality establishments or any other public spaces. Next to that it's water resistant, so it's a perfect outdoor solution.

Choose single-sided or double-sided
Standing out in the crowd is what beach flags help you do. If you are only going for a symmetrical visual promotion, the single-sided graphic is your solution.
Thanks to the double-sided graphic, you don't have to worry about mirrored advertising. No matter which side you come from, the promotion and branding is clearly readable and stands out from all sides. Thank to the two-layer construction you will have a high-quality promotion

Single-Sided Graphic for Beach Flag Alu Wind
The Super Poly Knit 100% Polyester (PES) is ideal lightweight knitted fabric material of 110 g/m², suitable for all types of Beach Flags and Flag Banners.

Double-Sided Graphic For Beach Flag Alu Wind
The Silverback Flag Fabric, 100% PES with one-sided block-out coating is ideal lightweight 120 g/m² knitted fabric material, suitable for all types of Beach Flags and Flag Banners.

Dye Sublimation Direct Printing Method
The Beach Flags are printed dye sublimation direct print. This means that the printer directly prints on the fabric, and after it the ink sublimated into the fibers in the heat press.

Single-Sided: An advantage of the direct sublimation print is that 80% of the print transfers onto the other side of the fabric, which is the best proportion for single-sided flags.
Double-Sided: The Silverback Fabric material includes a block-out layer to one side and so the construction of the double-sided flag is made with only two layers.

If the flag is used outside 24/7, exposed to bad weather conditions, the minimum life span of the flag is on average 90 days. Extreme weather conditions might shorten the life span. If the flag is used inside of kept out of bad weather and sun, the life span can be upto 12 months or longer.
Printing material width 2600
Assembled product weight (kg) 0,18 | 0,21 | 0,24 | 0,28 | 0,32 | 0,37 | 0,41
Weight (kg) 0,2 | 0,23 | 0,26 | 0,3 | 0,34 | 0,39 | 0,43
Version Single sided use
Volume (l) 0
Warranty (months) 12
Light intensity (lx) 0
Suspension length (mm) 0
Intended for Advertising flags
Visible size (mm) 890 x 1671 mm | 890 x 2016 mm | 890 x 2416 mm | 890 x 2921 mm | 890 x 3466 mm | 890 x 3966 mm | 890 x 4516 mm